BurdaStyle Sewing Club, Perth, Western Australia
A growing community for do-it-yourself fashion
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Welcome to the BurdaStyle Sewing Club of Perth, Western Australia

What is BurdaStyle?

BurdaStyle.com is the premiere online destination for do-it-yourself fashion, with an active community of over 200,000 members. Incorporating an open-source philosophy, BurdaStyle.com offers print-at-home patterns, concise techniques and inspiring creations to their growing community.

What is a BurdaStyle Sewing Club?

The BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs (BSC) are an offline extension of this active community.  Traditionally, sewing has been a social activity. Before the convenience of ready-made clothes and large shopping malls, mothers would teach their daughters how to create and mend clothes for themselves and the entire family. Sewing was a necessity, and thus communities gathered around to ensure that this skill was widely known. BurdaStyle believes that sewing is still best as a communal activity, and we encourage this with our Sewing Clubs.

 There are over 200 BSCs throughout the world, filled with people passionate about sewing who come together to share tips, offer advice and encouragement to one another, and collaborate on group projects. The BurdaStyle Sewing Club of Perth, Western Australia is part of this thriving community of creativity and we would love for you to join us.

Who Are we?

Our BurdaStyle Sewing Club (BSC) was started by online friends Sandra Bryans and Mel Louk.  Sandra has a background in the fashion industry as a designer/maker, and Mel has only recently discovered sewing, but both share a passion for the creativity, personal expression and sense of community they find sewing gives them.

We meet regularly at the
Sewanista Studio in Malaga to discuss sewing related issues. Members of all skill levels come together to refine their craft and share the joys of sewing with similarly passionate people. The BurdaStyle resources are easily translated offline, from print-at-home patterns to easy projects and techniques, and with the combined experiences and ideas of the group members, our BSCs are enriched with information tailored to all ranges of sewing experiences and tastes. We can also easily share the projects and activities we've developed within our group with like-minded sewers around the world through the BurdaStyle social network.  

Find out more about BurdaStyle.com  and BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs

Visit Sandra or Mel at our BSC homepages and join our group

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